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The Indaba platform is a one stop tool for people who want to collect and verify data. Within Indaba, users can communicate, collaborate and manage work to produce quality data.

People First

Get the most out of your team by reducing the friction associated with research projects.

No Code

Everything in Indaba happens through your web browser. Free yourself from the clutches of your IT department.


Choose the workflows, privacy settings, and languages that work best for your people & your project.

Life in the Cloud

Your project lives in the cloud; access it from anywhere on the planet through your web browser.

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What They Have To Say

I am absolutely LOVING Indaba when it comes to reviewing the researchers’ work and asking questions. So much more efficient than what we had.
Laura Neuman The Carter Center
Indaba has been monumentally instrumental in the effective management of the numerous research processes of the Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index (GI). The success of the 2013 GI would not have been possible without the role Indaba played in the compilation of research.
Oliver Cover, Emma Kerr and Tehmina Abbas, Project Team – Government Index Transparency International UK
Not only has Indaba allowed us to consolidate, manage, and track communication with dozens of research partners around the world, it’s extremely easy to teach others how to use, making the costs of learning a new platform minimal and the benefits immediate and transparent.
Jesse Worker World Resources Institute

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