Status Report: September Update

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IMG_1552Indaba is still in development, but we’re inching towards a finish line for our initial buildout. We’re projecting that all compontents will be ready for real world trials before the end of this year, and core components will be in the field within the next four weeks. Hooray!

Our first use of the Designer app is done, creating the project definition for the Global Integrity Report 2010. The Builder app is currently being refined after our first testing round in August and is scheduled to go live in September.

In October 2010, we expect our real-life first deployment of Builder, again for the Global Integrity Report 2010, which involves nearly two hundred contributors in more than 30 countries. Next up will be Local Integrity Initiative governance assessments run with Global Integrity partner groups in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Mexico. While this is happening, the Indaba developers will be writing code for the Publisher app, which will be wrapped up by the end of the year.

Indaba Early Adopters…

While Global Integrity will be the first org running fieldwork on the Indaba platform, we want to move right away to offering Indaba to a diverse community of organizations.

To that end, we are launching the Indaba Early Adopters program to help organizations migrate their field operations to the Indaba platform if it proves a useful fit. In the next few months, the Indaba team has the time and resources to provide extensive consulting, project design and technical support to a select group of Early Adopter organizations. The process will start with deep-dive discussions about how the organization does fieldwork, and consideration of how that workflow might be streamlined and automated. If Indaba is an appropriate technical solution to that organization’s needs, we will help them deploy it for their project.

We are recruiting organizations for this effort now. We’re proud to annouce our first Early Adopter will be the Carter Center, which is working on comparative assessments of access to information implementation systems in a diverse range of countries.

Thanks to the support from the Hewlett Foundation, the Indaba team is able to provide this consulting, system access and support at no cost to the Early Adopter organizations.

— Jonathan Eyler-Werve

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