Projects Wanted to be Indaba Early Adopters

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IndabaCampThe Indaba platform — a tool to manage people creating information — is looking for a few good orgs to show the world how distributed fieldwork is done.

Indaba is an online platform that manages people and content as a group works together to create things. Learn more here.

We want organizations that want to run complex data-gathering projects in half the time. Organizations that want to hire anyone, anywhere and manage them as effectively as home office staff. Organizations that want to stop imprisoning their work in printed reports and instead grow a library of durable, accessible knowledge.

Thanks to support from the Hewlett Foundation, the Indaba platform team now has the opportunity to work closely with a handful of organizations that want to be models of next-generation NGO fieldwork: our Indaba Early Adopters.

We will start with a pen-and-paper consultative process to identify your fieldwork project’s goals and needs. If the Indaba platform is an appropriate technical solution, we will work with your project managers to understand your ideal project workflow and build an Indaba project definition together that achieves those goals. Before you go to the field, managers will get hands-on training from the Indaba platform team on how to make the most of the project management and content management tools available in the Indaba platform. And we’ll stick with you to resolve problems as your project moves from concept to completion, quickly sharing lessons learned and best practices across our community of Early Adopters. Rather than just hand you a password and say, “good luck!” we will be there supporting you throughout the process as much as you need us to.

Indaba Early Adopters

  • The Carter Center
  • Global Integrity
  • The International Budget Partnership
  • to be announced
  • to be announced
  • to be announced

How it works: eligibility and how to apply

Your name here? We are actively seeking candidate projects and would love to hear from you. Indaba is a tool that helps groups create information. Ideal projects are public interest organizations that generate text, data, or other digitial media via a distributed team of authors, editors and managers. If you’re not sure if you’re a good candidate, talk to us — we want to make this work.

Thanks, funders: in exchange for your feedback on the new platform, all hosting, development, training and support costs for Early Adopters are covered; Early Adopter organizations will get this for free.

There is no application form. Instead, drop us an email and we’ll talk. You can reach team leader Jonathan Eyler-Werve at Also, sign up for email updates here.

To help inspire a potential partnership, I offer this reflection from our friends at Aspiration:

Process-driven technology is good technology. Technology without process is bad technology. Many have opined that “nonprofit workflow” is an oxymoron. Rare is the nonprofit that formally defines its business processes. Rarer still is the organization that specifies and adopts technology specifically to support defined processes. Too often, selected technologies end up dictating process and workflow. Technologies should not be adopted until the workflows they support have been described, and stakeholders in those workflows have verified both accuracy of the workflow and affirmed that the technology plan supports the way they do their job, rather than defining the same. (source)

We look forward to working with you.

— Jonathan Eyler-Werve

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